Claims Process and FAQs

1. How did you get my details?

You have lodged a claim with your Insurance Company or Broker and they have appointed us to inspect the damage and provide them with a brief description of our findings, including estimation for repairs. Two-panel Builders are generally appointed to inspect the claimed damage, therefore you may receive a call from another Builder wanting to attend and inspect the claimed damage also.

2. Property Maintenance have looked at the damage, what happens now?

Following our initial inspection of the damage and upon returning to the office, we will provide your Insurance Company with a detailed description of the claimed damage and provide an estimate, quote or report as required.

3. When will the repairs start?

Once our Estimate, Quote or Report is submitted to your Insurance Company, we are in their hands. We are unable to proceed with the repairs until we receive their further instruction. Upon receipt of the authorisation to proceed with repairs from your Insurance Company, we will contact you within 24 hours to notify you that we have been authorised to commence repairs. You will then receive information in relation to your claim from us, including, your Supervisor’s details, the scope of works to be completed at your property and where applicable, an excess invoice. Note: In some instances, a Building Contract and Insurance may also be required, you will be notified accordingly if this is the case and the contracts will be issued by mail and will require to be returned prior to any works commencing.

4. How do I know if I have an excess and how do I pay?

An excess invoice will be forwarded to yourself, if applicable. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Money Order, or Credit Card.

5. How long will the repairs take?

Upon receipt of the required documentation, including your excess payment (where applicable), works will be scheduled accordingly. At this stage, it is difficult to give you a time frame as it depends on the extent of the repairs and if any specialised products or services are required. Timeframes are generally provided on a case by case basis and this is best discussed with the Supervisor handling your claim.

6. Repairs are complete; what happens now?

If works have been completed at your property, you will be issued with a “certificate of satisfaction”, this is for you to sign and return to the office at your earliest convenience.